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      Ganesh is one of the most important Gods of Hinduism, known as the God of wisdom and enlightenment and is the creator of Vedic astrology, also know as Jyotish, the science of light. He is also know as the one who removes obstacles and grants success.  
       The charts and reports you are able to receive through this website are intended to INTRODUCE you to the study of Vedic Astrology. These charts and reports in no way can replace personalized readings from a good Vedic astrologer.
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Jyotish Definitions  






Orders are processed through a secure server  


Interpreted Reports    

Vedic Astrological Transits: 18 pages - Planetary transits including Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are covered for one year.  Need birth times.
Goravani Jyotish Software


Nakshatra Report: 9 pages -  Nakshatras is a system 27 signs, each 13 degrees and 20 minutes, based on the monthly cycle of the moon.  This system is further divided into 4 sections of 3 degreees and 20 minutes each. These sections are called padas. There are 108 padas.  The interpretations in this report provide information on your individual nature.   Need birth times. Cosmic Patterns Software

Personalized Classical Interpretatons: 35 pages -  Up to 700 planetary combinations (yogas) from 16 classical books. This is the list of books by name:

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra   Jataka Parijata Saravali Sarvartha Chintamani
Phala Deepika Hora Sara Garga Hora Brihat Jatakam
Satya Jatakam Snaketa Nidhi Jaimini Sutram Brighu Sutram
Jataka Alankara Sri Pati Patthati Mashya Parashari Laghu Deepika

Need birth times.  Vedic Astrology Bookshelf from GeoVision Software
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